Motor Oil

I paint with used motor oil that would normally be discarded. This material is toxic and has none of the archaival qualities of artists materials. A painting on paper fades and disappears in a short few months. 12-motor-partsThere is a parallel between the disappearing painting and the fact that this resource is limited and unsustainable. It is volatile and difficult to control, it eats at the paper, it is unstable. Petroleum is necessary for our way of life in a plethora of instances and it is no secret that we are running out, yet it is still cheap to acquire and manufacture. We waste this resource that should be precious on flimsy throwaway items sold for pennies. Plastics resist biodegradation and occupy our landfills and oceans.

Meanwhile, modern industrial agriculture depends on fossil fuels, not only for equipment, but also in the form of pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers. Then of course the transportation of foodstuffs worldwide. I don’t have a solution.

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