Taracacum Officionale – Dandelion Lawnscape

Taraxacum Officionale Dandilion Lawnscape Bonfire charcoal on Strathmore 400 Paper, 4 x 9.45’ The dandelion, a healthful and prolific plant is the subject of this charcoal drawing. Lawn keepers everywhere ineffectually wage war on a plant with numerous benefits for the liver, kidneys, and urinary tract to name a few. My drawing Taraxacum Officinale, which […]


In the summer of 2023 I joined an artist-parent collective and did a residency on Toronto Island at Gibraltar point. It was MAGICAL. The kids and I collected invasive species around the lighthouse near where we were staying, and on the beach. These plants were the inspiration for the large scale drawings that I created […]

Take a class with me

I’ve been working at Create Art Studio for many years. Please join me for a learn to draw, botanical watercolour, or a meditative drawing and movement class!Some are held in the studio and others online so you can connect with me from wherever you are.https://createartstudio.ca/classes-by-age-group/#adultsAbove is a link to my online drawing class.Enrollment is still […]

Garden Letters

Merging my gardening, with drawing, and communication with friends. Drawing may be one of the earliest forms of communication. We can draw a parallel between seed dispersal and language. Between roots and language. Between the movement of people and the variety of plant species we find. Recently, I’ve become very dedicated to the propagation of […]

Sketching Tour

ARTivating the Ravine was an event sponsored by a TD bank “park people” grant. A couple of neighbours and I submitted an application that would bring neighbours into the nearby ravine to learn something new and enjoy the fresh air. We couldn’t have asked for better weather.  Sketchbooks and materials were provided thanks to the […]

Nautical chart work

I have been invited to show during a sailing regatta at a Yacht club on Lake Ontario. I will include my work on nautical charts. I have made new work for this event that I would like to share.

Food currency

This series of charcoal drawings share utter abandon for a sense of scale. Subjects range from global currency, contemporary food systems, and industrial agriculture, to simply the patterns found at the cellular level, or the bark of a tree. This recent body of work is a reaction to human engagement with, and responsibility for economics, land use, […]

Nautical Charts

In the mid to late 1980s I saw the shoreline that I grew up on change drastically with the invasive species we call zebra mussels. These razor sharp but very small critters established themselves on every poissible surface. We had to suddenly wear foot protection all the time on the beach and in the water. […]

Details of Bees

Charcoal drawings of bees as seen through a microscope. Lovingly rendered in charcoal on tinted paper.

Charcoal as my material of choice

I am interested in the transformation of materials from their organic state to a mass produced and then consumed product. Charcoal is a common artists’ tool manufactured into various forms, but in its simplest form it is the residue of impure carbon easily obtained by burning wood or other organic matter, thus removing water and other […]

Kudzu Cookbook

Kudzu, has been a popular food in Japan and China for thousands of years. The three parts of the kudzu plant that are edible are the: Young leaves and vine tips, Flower blossoms, and Roots. However, it’s the tuberous roots that offer this plant’s real premium. These roots are dehydrated and pulverized, and it is this […]

Kudzu – Installation

In the studio the 5 x 30 foot roll was installed on 2 dowels so that I may work on it 6 feet at a time. Everything was covered in a fine layer of black dust! My reference material stapled to the wall on either side. I spent more time considering “what next” than drawing […]


My first 30 foot drawing.