Performance & Installation

Fly by night – Gladstone, Nuit Blanche, Toronto

For the all night long Nuit Blanche event at the Gladstone Hotel in Toronto Ontario, we created a place for people to come, relax, sit down, and meet some new friends. We wanted to evoke childhood forts and camping, letting people have a bit of agency as to how the space was used. And, we […]

Human – My afternoon with a fox & skunks

I was invited to create a unique work for The Tallahassee Natural History Museum. Among other exciting things it is a natural habitat, or zoo, of indigenous rescued wildlife, historical buildings, and an environmental science center. I proposed to be put up in my own cage and created a sign for visitors. Theirs is a busy zoo […]

eksperimenta! AGO goes to Tallinn

As the artist in residence for the Art Gallery of Ontario’s Youth Program in 2013-2014 I collaborated with 30 members of the AGO Youth Council on a project that we titled U.G.L.Y: Unified Geniuses Living Young. Our exhibit in the AGO Community Gallery ran from September-January 2013, the project was an ongoing site-specific performative installation. […]

Parachuting To Fountain

In December of 2011 AnalogAnalogue secured a booth at the Fountain Art Fair in Miami during Art Basel. We changed the content of the booth over 4 times a day.   Here’s an example of our collaborative work, in this case an electrical tape drawing directed by Jay Corrales. We worked speedily and as soon […]

Shelter – With Swoon

  The Tallahassee Leon County Shelter In 2011, Callie Currie (aka SWOON) came to Tallahassee as a visiting scholar and lecturer through FSU, with the added intent of completing a community-based project. We were fortunate enough to be able to assist in a very direct way along with other MFA candidates as part of this […]

Bang On It

Visitors to the gallery were encouraged to take up stick and join in a continual rhythmic experience by banging on a variety of ramshackle, handmade and found percussive instruments. This was a translation of an experience the art team had after a long afternoon together. Even we were surprised by the beauty of the sounds […]

Free Uteri

With all of my work, no matter the media the effect that I hope for is to spark a discussion around ecological and social issues. I aspire to raise the collective consciousness and encourage positive change. With duct tape chastity belts and with our mouths taped shut we joined the rally against a political bill […]

Shortlisted finalist for a major public art installation!

Shortlisted finalist for a major public art installation in Hamilton for Battlefield Park to commemorate the battle there during the war of 1812. Designed in 2012. “My installation creates a space that will immerse viewers in an audio and experiential simulation of the event, a narrative of the battle itself, casting them in the role […]

Shirt off your back

The photo above is from a performance called Shirt Off Your Back that AnalogAnalogue performed in Miami Florida in 2011. We screenprinted a small selection of designs onto anything the viewers wanted, passed it to be blown dry, then to another member to be ironed in a “factory line” style. Collaborations between artists and also […]


Litterscape was a one time collaborative, viewer-interactive temporary installation with artists Heidi Haire, Jeffrey Hemming, and Johnson Hunt. On Friday, April 2nd 2010, gallery goers were invited to embellish murals of Florida landscape beach scenes with their choice of refuse. The artists collected litter and organized it by color onto the shape of a “painter’s […]

Urban Socio-Archaeology

Using the materials and methods familiar to Archaeologists we surveyed the Urban landscape for clues into the lives of those who made an impact on a particular site. Rather than unearthing/discovering artifacts from the ancient past, we discover artifacts from the recent past, weeks, days, or often only hours previous to our arrival. We have […]