Pollen Slides

I came across a good deal of microscope slides and spent a summer with a book called “Pollen from Canadian Honey Bees” while homesick for Ontario while living in Florida. The book was filled with detailed photographs taken with a microscope to help farmers understand what flowers their bees had been visiting.

Art has been historically used as a tool for communication. In a similar manner to the way that art was used in the churches, my drawings and paintings attempt to poetically illustrate science’s investigations of the symbiotic interrelationships of our macrocosm.

I am interested in the work of Mark Dion whose installations feature scientific equipment and samples. His work is political and environmentalist and his aesthetic is that of an 18th century explorer’s categorizing efforts combined with a 17th century curiosity cabinet. Some of his projects seem at first glance to be didactic one liners, but counter arguments are often built in and they are effective at raising questions and being deeper than they first appear.