Analog Analogue

Shelter – With Swoon

  The Tallahassee Leon County Shelter In 2011, Callie Currie (aka SWOON) came to Tallahassee as a visiting scholar and lecturer through FSU, with the added intent of completing a community-based project. We were fortunate enough to be able to assist in a very direct way along with other MFA candidates as part of this […]

Bang On It

Visitors to the gallery were encouraged to take up stick and join in a continual rhythmic experience by banging on a variety of ramshackle, handmade and found percussive instruments. This was a translation of an experience the art team had after a long afternoon together. Even we were surprised by the beauty of the sounds […]

Shirt off your back

The photo above is from a performance called Shirt Off Your Back that AnalogAnalogue performed in Miami Florida in 2011. We screenprinted a small selection of designs onto anything the viewers wanted, passed it to be blown dry, then to another member to be ironed in a “factory line” style. Collaborations between artists and also […]