Kudzu – Installation

In the studio the 5 x 30 foot roll was installed on 2 dowels so that I may work on it 6 feet at a time. Everything was covered in a fine layer of black dust! My reference material stapled to the wall on either side. I spent more time considering “what next” than drawing most days.

Once finished…


I had to hire a scissor lift in order to reach the ceiling.


I must have hung and re-hung these drawings 4 or times. Changing my mind about which one faces the gallery and which the stairs and how to center it in the space.

Wayne at the Museum of Fine Art (MoFA) build the black armature that I affixed the drawing to. He outfitted it with plumbers tape so that I was able to use high powered magnets to hang the work (and not put any holes into it)


I remember counting the magnets used … I believe that it was about 200 in total!


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