Weather Network

The weather network took an interest in a group show that I put together at the Wychwood Artscape Community Gallery. The three artists showing together have a serious interest in conservation. Kasia Burdaka, who interviewed me nicknamed me Echo-the-Eco-Artist

The show was called: Nature: Up Close and Personal with artists Gwen Duda, Jordan Dunlop, and Echo Railton
“Observations made manifest. Evocative, compelling works by community-centric GREENophiles.” Works in charcoal, acrylic and oil at the Artscape Wychwood Barns Art Gallery, 76 Wychwood Avenue, Toronto.

Echo: “My belly and the bees – Questioning my selfish relationship with the natural world”

This recent body of work is a reaction to human engagement with, and responsibility for land use, agriculture and industry.From the universality of cellular configuration to the super-industrial agricultural systems that we have become dependent on, I play with forms and narratives and with my food.

Gwen: Nature inspired expressionistic acrylic and oil paintings emotionally evocative, visually colour rich and dynamic in design and subject. The work is infused with the mystical and strives to reveal what is true whether it be a commentary on ecological issues or the sheer power and beauty of nature itself and how we internalize and experience that.

Jordan: In order to resolve creative problems in my art practice I need to walk and experience the environment. I trek through urban city infrastructures until a moment of inspiration is revealed.

Jordan Dunlop’s art practice is centered on discovery, play and awareness of the extraordinary found in the everyday. Experiences considered ordinary such as the act of walking too simply observing our busy urban infrastructure become vast source material to paint, draw and too create from. During the creative process these real and banal acts become transformed and internalized to accommodate imagination and to build a personal mythology of our ever changing environment.