Sketching Tour

ARTivating the Ravine was an event sponsored by a TD bank “park people” grant. A couple of neighbours and I submitted an application that would bring neighbours into the nearby ravine to learn something new and enjoy the fresh air. We couldn’t have asked for better weather.  Sketchbooks and materials were provided thanks to the […]

Lepidoptera – Butterflies & Moths

Here are some recent drawings of beautiful insects. More to come! Long-tailed and Arctic Skipper


Contact me for details. All of the work on this page is for sale. Can be ready to ship in 3-5 days. Shipping will be added to the cost of the work. ScorpionfishPencil Crayon on nautical chart40 x 60 cm Lionfish, scorpionfish, dragonfish… it goes by many names. This fabulous creature is a menace in […]

WexPop Mural

PlazaPOPS I was awarded a grant to complete a mural for an inovative temporary initiative. PlazaPOPS. “is a high impact, low cost, and replicable demonstration of the potential of ‘pop up’ community gathering places within the privately-owned public spaces (POPS) of Toronto’s emblematic inner-suburban strip mall plazas.” They hope to act like Italian Piazzas. This […]

Illustrated books for children

I have collaborated on two books with Alyse Ediger Martin. She is a registered nurse working at St. Micheal’s Hospital in Toronto. She writes books that normalize hospital visits for children. This is her second book in the Finnegan Lee series and my first book illustration gig. You can find the book at The […]

Great Lake Prints

Prints are available in a variety of media. Contact me for details and pricing.

Nautical chart work

I have been invited to show during a sailing regatta at a Yacht club on Lake Ontario. I will include my work on nautical charts. I have made new work for this event that I would like to share.

e is for earth

Opening reception of e is for earth as part of the Toronto Design Offsite Festival #TODO18  “Carneval” Oil Pastel on discontinued wallpaper I will be exhibiting work made specifically for this show along with a host of other artists. Jan 14th 2018, 7-10 pm Dark Tools Architectural Lighting 750 Lake Shore Blvd E unit 2, […]

Fly by night – Gladstone, Nuit Blanche, Toronto

For the all night long Nuit Blanche event at the Gladstone Hotel in Toronto Ontario, we created a place for people to come, relax, sit down, and meet some new friends. We wanted to evoke childhood forts and camping, letting people have a bit of agency as to how the space was used. And, we […]

Food currency

This series of charcoal drawings share utter abandon for a sense of scale. Subjects range from global currency, contemporary food systems, and industrial agriculture, to simply the patterns found at the cellular level, or the bark of a tree. This recent body of work is a reaction to human engagement with, and responsibility for economics, land use, […]

Human – My afternoon with a fox & skunks

I was invited to create a unique work for The Tallahassee Natural History Museum. Among other exciting things it is a natural habitat, or zoo, of indigenous rescued wildlife, historical buildings, and an environmental science center. I proposed to be put up in my own cage and created a sign for visitors. Theirs is a busy zoo […]

Nautical Charts

In the mid to late 1980s I saw the shoreline that I grew up on change drastically with the invasive species we call zebra mussels. These razor sharp but very small critters established themselves on every poissible surface. We had to suddenly wear foot protection all the time on the beach and in the water. […]

Details of Bees

Charcoal drawings of bees as seen through a microscope. Lovingly rendered in charcoal on tinted paper.

eksperimenta! AGO goes to Tallinn

As the artist in residence for the Art Gallery of Ontario’s Youth Program in 2013-2014 I collaborated with 30 members of the AGO Youth Council on a project that we titled U.G.L.Y: Unified Geniuses Living Young. Our exhibit in the AGO Community Gallery ran from September-January 2013, the project was an ongoing site-specific performative installation. […]

Charcoal as my material of choice

I am interested in the transformation of materials from their organic state to a mass produced and then consumed product. Charcoal is a common artists’ tool manufactured into various forms, but in its simplest form it is the residue of impure carbon easily obtained by burning wood or other organic matter, thus removing water and other […]

Weather Network

The weather network took an interest in a group show that I put together at the Wychwood Artscape Community Gallery. The three artists showing together have a serious interest in conservation. Kasia Burdaka, who interviewed me nicknamed me Echo-the-Eco-Artist The show was called: Nature: Up Close and Personal with artists Gwen Duda, Jordan Dunlop, and […]

Parachuting To Fountain

In December of 2011 AnalogAnalogue secured a booth at the Fountain Art Fair in Miami during Art Basel. We changed the content of the booth over 4 times a day.   Here’s an example of our collaborative work, in this case an electrical tape drawing directed by Jay Corrales. We worked speedily and as soon […]

Shelter – With Swoon

  The Tallahassee Leon County Shelter In 2011, Callie Currie (aka SWOON) came to Tallahassee as a visiting scholar and lecturer through FSU, with the added intent of completing a community-based project. We were fortunate enough to be able to assist in a very direct way along with other MFA candidates as part of this […]

Bang On It

Visitors to the gallery were encouraged to take up stick and join in a continual rhythmic experience by banging on a variety of ramshackle, handmade and found percussive instruments. This was a translation of an experience the art team had after a long afternoon together. Even we were surprised by the beauty of the sounds […]

Free Uteri

With all of my work, no matter the media the effect that I hope for is to spark a discussion around ecological and social issues. I aspire to raise the collective consciousness and encourage positive change. With duct tape chastity belts and with our mouths taped shut we joined the rally against a political bill […]